Meet the team

Our team is dedicated to helping customers accomplish their creative ideas with printed goods, while making the experience enjoyable and affordable.

We offer over 5 years of printing knowledge and company branding concepts.

We look forward to partnering with you and turning your vision into reality. Welcome to the Team!


Founder | CEO

With a bachelor degree in economics and masters degree in managerial psychology, Segun Lawal is the owner and manager of Latwins Concepts limited. Segun lives and breathes branding.

There is an urban legend that Segun once tried to give branding advice at a close friend’s birthday. It’s this type of passion for branding that cannot be taught, it is simply part of you. Segun brings that eagerness to the office every day, and gives every client the attention and dedication they deserve. he makes it a point to know all latwins customers and prospects and their needs

He is a problem solver who does not easily get discouraged, rather finds the best way for you and your company.

Segun wear sneakers often, and he’s often your first point of contact regarding a new project. You’ll be in good hands. He would love to come to your office for a free consultation about your printing and communications needs.

When not working on all things branding, Segun loves spending time with friends and playing soccer on Ps4.


Yomi has been part of the Latwins team from inception. Like all accountants he loves numbers and watching Latwins grow.

He also run our orders in the United States, he can been seen in his white benz crunching numbers and working out how we can improve our service and deliver work faster and more efficiently.

Almost the only member of our team who wears a suit and tie every day we love him because he loves to watch businesses grow.

Just make sure you pay your bills because as a true Liverpool fan he has some scary friends.

When not working, yomi loves watching liverpool play and playing soccer on Ps4.


An essential part of Latwins for the last 5 years, Usman is an expert at not just “getting the job out”, but getting it finished with a critical eye on quality. Usman knows that the finished quality of our work is a reflection on him and Latwins. He always does whatever it takes to maintain the high standard of quality that our customers expect.

Usman has a solution to meet every challenge. Expertise in every aspect of the operation as a print and finishing specialist, he brings to our team versatility to meet any demand.

Outside of work, Usman is working or spending time with his girlfriend. he works 20hrs a day.


As our creative designer, Ope brings a wealth of knowledge to the latwins Tech team, Ope is a designer who codes, including a degree in art, work experience in Andela, he has worked in-house and remotely on projects for leading brands, agencies, and startups. He cares deeply about creating world-class, useful and beautiful products that help people and make a difference.

He likes to be involved at different stages of a digital project, from the seed of the idea, through to sketches, design, the front-end and even the backend.

Outside of work, Ope is a bit of a nature addict— you’ll find Ope on the street of Lagos with his camera taking beautiful pictures.


Every office needs a Seyi look-alike, Not just a first-class brand communication expert, Seyi also designs, arranges Ted talks, showcase events and travels regularly. He was born and raised in the beautiful city of Lagos, and much like a young Nigerian, spent his youth gaining knowledge in the industry. A man of culture and refinement, his favourite places to visit are Dubai and Ghana,

When he isn’t jetting off, talking or being the toast of the country music scene, he puts his expertise to good use by helping the Development Team build Latwins Concepts into the paradise you see before you. He is in charge of channeling our love of print and inherent silliness into money-making cleverness.

outside working he is either at beach side in Cape Verde or cruising in Dubai.